Diplomat Plaza  Hotel & Resort ith a new prize - Regional Antiaging center on the Balkans
19 February 2015

Diplomat Plaza Hotel & Resort ith a new prize - Regional Antiaging center on the Balkans


On February 19, 2015 BAHA (Balkan Alliance of Hotel Associations) handed over at a ceremony in Belgrade (Serbia), its annual awards for professional achievements in the field of hospitality and management.

Diplomat Plaza Hotel & Resort, Lukovit received the award from the BAHA for Regional ANTI AGING center of the Balkans.

Over the past five years, the hotel is positioned very strongly as Spa, Wellness and Antiaging destination. Not by chance in 2012 Diplomat Plaza Hotel & Resort won the Bulgarian Hotel and Restaurant Association Wellness Hotel of the Year.

Today, three years later, he received the award for Antiaging center of the Balkans. It is these major awards are the objective expression of a long and thorough work of the team hotel.

Magic word "anti-aging" means keeping the body healthy, which is directly related to delay the aging process. Although time can not be stopped, can work to live longer and quality. The motto is "Ageing slowly," why not beautiful. Antiaging is a new direction developed worldwide, which aims to extend the years of life.

The power of the magical energy of the Republic and the region is overflowing with everyone who is immersed in the rich palette of historical, cultural and natural treasures of this magical place.

Due to this fact and municipalities Republic received the award for - Wellness destination in the Balkans by BAHA.

The manager of Diplomat Plaza Hotel & Resort Mr. Angel Stanev said:

"Of course we are happy! It is our great honor and responsibility! Hard work and diligence have made and continue to work hard in this direction in order to position themselves in the category Spa, Wellness and Antiaging. Now receiving this award, our main goal is to build achievements, to awaken in people the culture of constant and daily care for the body and spirit. I can not hide that it is very difficult to present a less known region, but when people visit us, see and feel mostly the result on yourself, it makes them come back again and again, here then I say, all worth it and the region is really unique! "